Transport Assistance

HICCI has been my lifeline as I can no longer drive

Need some help getting out and about?

HICCI is here to help!

Operated by our team of friendly and dedicated volunteer drivers, our transport service helps older community members, people living with a disability and their carers - and other  community members  when we can.

We aim to help people live independently and stay well connected.

Our transport service includes:

  • Transport to and from medical and healthcare appointments

  • Assisted social transport, including visits to friends and relatives and to other social activities

  • Healesville’s ‘Thursday Town Traveller’ (HICCI bus stopping at designated destinations)

  • Regular group shopping trips to Chirnside Park Shopping Centre, Bunnings, Lilydale Marketplace, Eastland and IGA Yarra Glen

  • Mystery tour social outings (HICCI bus)

We're committed to helping you get where you need to go.

Contact HICCI today to find out more.



HICCI Transport Assistance brochure


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