Interest-free Loans

Fair access to credit can be hard to come by if you’re on a low income.

The fridge breaks down ... what do you do?

HICCI’s interest-free loans service helps those on a limited income pay for high-priced essential household goods and services.

We work together to help get your loan application sorted and – if approved – agree on a stress-free repayment plan.


An interest-free loan gives:

  • Access to new quality household goods or essential services

  • Coaching in how to apply for a loan and access financial services

  • Access to budgeting assistance or financial counselling (if desired)

  • The satisfaction of paying off your loan

Paying off a HICCI interest-free loan is not just a great feeling of achievement. When you pay off your loan, you make it possible for someone else to access an interest-free loan too.

If you’re struggling to work out how you’ll pay for that new washing machine – if your car is struggling to stay on the road, talk to us today about how an interest-free loan might be able to help.