Jan pops to the shops


Have you ever just wanted to do things for yourself? To be independent, self-sufficient and confident to ‘get things done’?

It’d been a season of big changes. Jan’s partner had recently passed and she had moved in with her son. Previously a town dweller, Jan was getting used to living further away from the hustle and bustle. She was now using a walker to get around and her eyesight was failing.

However, it was the news from Jan’s GP that it was time to stop driving that really shocked her.

“I’d always done everything for myself. The thought of living out of town with no way to get to the bank, the shops, the laundromat or the post office … it was unbearable.

“I didn’t want to be a burden on my son … for him to have to do my washing and shopping; run my errands. I felt like my independence was being taken from me.”

Jan’s GP recommended that she get in touch with HICCI to find out what transport support they might be able to offer. Fortunately, she did just that.

“I was so surprised to learn that there was an organisation in town that provided volunteer transport assistance to enable people like me to maintain their independence and dignity,” Jan reflects.

Jan started to make use of HICCI’s weekly bus trip, the Thursday Town Traveller, to run her errands down the street. The service drops her at the laundrette to do her washing, then runs her to the shops and the bank.

“I just love the fact that I can still do all these things for myself. My eyesight might be failing, but I can still wash my clothes, shop and do the banking – I just need someone to take me there!

“Life may have changed a lot, but I am happy that I have my independence still.

“I’ve even started venturing out on some of the social bus trips and have made some lovely new friends in the process,” Jan smiles.

Sometimes, giving someone a lift can lead to a whole new lease on life.

*Name changed for privacy